Governing Structure


COTUL is managed through the 2021 registered Constitution and its associated Rules and Regulations. The governing bodies of the consortium include the Board of Trustees, Executive Committee and Ethics Committee that have the power to act on behalf of the consortium in all matters except those reserved in the constitution to be addressed by members at an Annual or Special General Meeting.

In addition, there shall be Technical Committees for running the day-to-day administration of the consortium's activities. Similarly, an advisory board shall help an organization get new insight and explore new opportunities, whereby an electoral committee shall coordinate the entire consortium's elections as per the COTUL constitution and its associated regulations.

Organs of COTUL

Based on Article 28(1) of the COTUL constitution, the following shall be and are herby established as organs of the COTUL.
• Annual General Meeting
• Board of Trustees
• Executive Committee
• Ethics Committee
• Advisor Board
• Technical Committees
• Electoral Committee

The COTUL Executive Committee performs daily oparations of the consortium in association with other organs. For more details of COTUL organs and their functions see the Constitution and its associated Rules and Regurations bellow:



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