COTUL is an acronym for the Consortium of Tanzania Universities and Research Libraries. It is a strategic alliance among academic and research Libraries in Tanzania aimed at improving access to information resources in different disciplines.

Our Vision

Facilitate cooperative access to information resources to advance teaching, learning and research amongest consortium members.

Our Mission

Provide leadership and building of synergy in knowledge and information sharing through capacity building, advocacy, networking and collaborations







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  • To develop and improve cooperation and understanding among member libraries towards the creation and promotion of virtual libraries
  • To enhance the provision of learning resources and access to information
  • To subscribe to electronic resources for consortium members
  • To encourage and support the professional development of libraries
  • To forge cooperation with international library consortia and other relevant organizations and institutions
  • To encourage adoption of ICT services library service provision among member institutions
  • To market COTUL activities among upcoming research and academic institutions
  • To provide a forum for sharing information and experiences
  • To develop cooperative acquisition schemes among members
  • To promote intellectual freedom